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Japanese Reiki at Farm View Hall Equestrian Centre

Helen Reiki

What is Reiki

Reiki is a complimentary therapy that enhances the natural healing ability of the body by channelling energy via hand to recipient, human or animal.

A Session

An equine reiki session can range form 30 – 60 minutes depending on how the horse feels.

During the session, Helen Burnwell, our Reiki Master Teacher Trainer will place her hands on or around various points of the animal’s body. The horse will become very relaxed.

The horse has a natural ability to recognise the energy and works with Helen to let the energy flow to the needed area.

The horse also lets her know when they have had enough.

From the first session, the horse feels the benefits straight away and you will find the horse more relaxed and calm.

Helen can also determine why a horse behaves a certain way and can work with both horse and owner to benefit them both.

When To Have Reiki

Anything is a good time as the Reiki can only benefit the horse as they love the energy it gives them.

She can also work with the client to get back together with their horse if they have lost their confidence and bring the horse and client back into partnership.


  • 30 Minute Session - £40
  • 1 Hour Session - £60
  • Full Week Course and Livery - £500
  • Full Week Course and Livery With Client - £650
  • Special Offer ~ Full Month Course and Livery - £950

For further information, contact Helen on 01423 781832 or 07501923079

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